About Sugar and Sage

Dos Güeros and a Mexican Welcome You to
Sugar and Sage: a Seasonal Foods Journal

Welcome to our kitchen, our home. Dos Güeros and a Mexican was originally suggested by my big brother as a title for this blog. Sure, it describes my husband Christopher, our son, and I in that bluntly superficial way that only big brothers can get away with, but, well, the phrase I was looking for had to capture the essence of my home cooking and baking as well as what I want this site to become.

Christopher and I settled on Sugar and Sage. We think it runs the gamut of the sweet and savory things we create and consume. Like most other foodies, I’ve been swept up in the local, sustainable food revolution. I admit that it’s hard to pass up rare or exceptional ingredients from afar, so I’ve just decided not to pass them up– otherwise when would I ever eat chocolate or quinoa? We do try to be as conscious as possible about our food sources.

The ingredients I use are mainly seasonal and whole foods. Oh, and we eat plenty of vegetables, too.

Sugar– We all three suffer from a serious sweets weakness. Sweet Tooth Syndrome, if you will. While I will never use artificial sweeteners, I will often bake sweets to my heart’s delight.

Sage– Quickly becoming my favorite of the potted herbs I was able to salvage from our former house. The sage and its friends are now surviving on the patio of our Irvine Company apartment. Oh, yes, we did.


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